Some Different Types Of Logo design

When you start a business then one very important thing that should strike on your mind is to make a logo that will represent your brand.

Designing a logo is the most basic and important thing that every business owner should consider before launching his business.

By having a unique and attractive logo, people will be able to differentiate your brand from several other brands.


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Let’s have a look at some different types of logo designs:

Text-based logos

These are the textual logos which are in trend nowadays. In this type of logo, you can add company name or may include some other name which you like.

Even multinational companies make in use of their brand name as their logo.

These kinds of logos also seem to be attractive enough that most of the people see their interest in it.

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Symbol-based logos

These type of logos includes several symbols which may be related to our product or some other thing.

It is also mostly used by many numbers of organizations. These logos also seems to beautiful and attractive enough to represent your business.

Add some motto behind it that your organization follows and it also looks great and effective for the people.

Initial-based logos

You may also add initials of your brand as a logo as it looks more reliable and attractive enough that people feel more interested in buying your stuff.

Having an initially based logo would be much better than any other kind of logo as it would not be difficult for you to suggest.