Tents Uses For Different Purposes – A Brief Guide

It has been decades that tents are being in use for varied purposes.

Earlier they were used as a temporary shelter, but gradually they have become significant structures that are used in different recreational activities, like camping and outdoor events.

Big sized tents are equally perfect for an assortment of applications, including materials storage and industrial garage or shop.

As per your needs, you can select different types of army tents. Must be surprised to read why army tents are specifically mentioned, why not just any tent.

Well, an army tent is specially designed to cater the needs of armed forces.

Keeping in view, the increasing needs and demands of armed forces and civilians these tents have previously undergone lots of amendments and still leading manufacturers like https://www.usmilitarytents.com/ are still putting lot of hard work to make these tents more and more functional and easy to use.

Army tents have so much to offer that it is pretty difficult to choose the best one from them. To name a few, two of the best army surplus tents are mentioned below, have a look at them:

Dome tent

Ample amount of flexible pole tents are easily available in the market. The basic shape curves a supple pole into a half circle with both ends stable (fixed) with the help of a strong tape or webbing strap running across the base of the tent, usually as part of the groundsheet.

2 flexible poles crossing in the center offers a square dome shape, 3 poles a hexagon. The sides are more perpendicular (vertical) so the entire headroom is better across a wider floor area.

Solidity is good in smaller models but dome tents can get less stable as they scale up in size. The best thing about them is that they are light in weight.

Frame tents

The elastic pole hasn’t done away with the outdated rigid frame tents, since these still exist and are quite prevalent.

In these tents, a rigid framework of straight poles are used (usually steel) with angled joints and offering lots of space comprising good headroom as well as stability when constructed correctly.

Lastly, here is a small piece of advice, simply navigate to this post link to grab some more relevant source of information associated with tent buying.