Which Is Better: Internal Marketing Team Or Outside Marketing Agency

When it comes to understanding your company, internal marketing teams have the upper hand. This does not necessarily mean that they are better than outside digital marketing agencies. Of course , the inside knowledge they have can be helpful in business, it can also create their own recommendation which may not be the best for your business plans. Because of this they might overlook something important. Outside marketing agencies clearly do not know you. It will take time for them to understand your business plan. However, they are better than internal teams in the sense that they do not need a lot of training. External teams typically have tools and experience for diagnosis.

The meaning of in house marketing

In house marketing simply means that all marketing activities of a company are handled by employees of the company. In this type of marketing, there are few or none external individuals involved in the company’s marketing strategies. Outside marketing agency involves the use of external individuals in marketing processes. For some time, businesses have continued to argue which one is better between the two. It’s important to know which one to make use of as this will affect your result as a company. You might want to consider the factors when choosing one of the two including:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Overall productivity
  • Familiarization with company

Learn more about external team for marketing services

In terms of experience, external teams have the upper hand as they understand where your business industry is going as a whole. In strategic planning and decision making, most times internal teams handle these often, about once every few years. Outside marketing agency on the other hand deal with these problems of decision making many times a year. Because of constant decision making, they are much better at understanding business patterns that internal teams don’t see very often. An advantage that internal teams have over outside agencies is that they bring in multiple clients due to working full time. Marketing agencies may not dedicate their full time to your company.

Why you need external agencies for brand marketing

As we mentioned earlier, external agencies have specialized tools that can be used effectively and quickly. Internal tools on the other hand, do not make use of these tools. When it comes to the dealing with huge challenges, external teams are much better than internal teams. Internal teams consist of employees that have other things to do, which means they may not have time for huge challenges. In terms of cost, internal teams and external agencies are about the same. It may seem that internal teams are much cheaper than external teams, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes hiring an outside agency can be a whole lot cheaper than building a team from scratch.


When it comes to which is better between the two, they both have their pros and cons. But depending on your business plan in the long run, either one can be beneficial to your company.